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Good morning, Sunshine.


Well hello there.

I’m fairly new to this blog thing (obviously). I’m not really honestly, fully, positively sure how it works. But I like writing, so that’s a good thing, right? Honestly, all of this is really because I have a terrible memory and a desire to memorize everything. Unfortunately my hand disagrees with me and gets tired of writing after like, a page.

Okay. Anyways.

I guess I should introduce myself, right?


My name is Laura Marie and I’m 26 but I somehow still catch myself telling people I’m 22. I’m a TV News producer in Wilmington, NC (also known as the Port City…hence, the blog name.). I like sleeping (more on that later), pretending I exercise more than 3 times a month, traveling, all things Southern, and reading. I know. I’m basically the most exciting person ever. But to be fair, I wake up at 2:14 in the morning. So I five days a week, I’m too tired to do more than mope around.

Yes.You read that correctly.  I wake up at 2:14am. 

I’m the one who produces the news show you watch every morning while you sip your coffee and attempt to drag your kids out of bed (or your dog or yourself or your pet rock, I don’t know.) It’s not as bad as it sounds.  I work with really great people and morning news is often a little more light-hearted than an evening newscast. Plus, I’m off work before many people take their lunch break.

SO ANYWAYS….You want to hear more about my life story? No? Oh. Sorry.

I was born in Ohio. Then I moved to North Carolina with my family (I’m the youngest of four!) when I was 8. After high school, I bounced around from place to place…I attended my first 1.5 years of school at Appalachian State University, then decided it was entirely too cold and transferred to the University of Georgia. From there, I lived in Wilmington, then Birmingham, AL, then Raleigh, aaaaaaaaaaaand now I’m back in Wilmington again.

So why did I do a loopty-loo? Well, I took my first job here in the port city because the station I had interned at the summer before I graduated had an opening and offered it to me when I graduated. Then, I moved to Birmingham to work in a bigger TV market. While I was there, I finally admitted to myself and the world that I was totally into this dude:


His name is Cliff and he’s pretty stinkin’ great. We met in Wilmington (yep) while working at the same station. He liked me for oh, a really long time and I refused to date him (that’s a different post for a different day.). After I made a few visits back to visit Wilmington, he somehow agreed to do the whole long-distance thing for seven months. He was in Greenville, working at a different TV station as a sports anchor. So we made a lot of trips back and forth between Birmingham/Greenville. A LOT. Anyways, after a while I moved to Raleigh so we would be about an hour away. Then, at the end of August, he received an offer outside of the news-biz here in Wilmington. I’m fortunate enough to work for a really great company that allowed me to transfer to our Wilmington newsroom. So we moved here. Together.

So that’s that. Can I officially call myself a blogger now? I promise I’ll try to update regularly. I’ll try not to gloat too much about living at the beach.

Questions, comments, concerns? Text me, beep me, if you wanna reach me. (just kidding, I’m totally not giving you my phone number.)

Obviously this whole sha-bang is off to a great start.

See yah.